5. CXI (A IV, 8) TO ATTICUS (AT ROME) ANTIUM (APRIL-MAY) There were many things in your letter which pleased me, but nothing more than your "dish of cheese and salt fish"! Background image: Drawings of the Milan palimpsest from the plate facing p. 1 of A. Mai (1823) M. Cornelii Frontonis et M. Aurelii Imperatoris epistulae: L. Veri et Antonini Pii et Appiani epistularum reliquiae.Fragmenta Frontonis et scripta grammatica. Cicerone - Epistulae - Ad Atticum - 4 - 3: Brano visualizzato 4862 volte. 4.8 >>Cic. Vt veni in Arpinas, cum ad me frater venisset, as I came to Arpinum, when my brother came to me, in primis nobis sermo isque multus de te fuit. 4.1 Scr. <